Daniella Lute

Daniella Lute

February 18, 1996 - August 07, 2021

Age: 25


Daniela was and still is my pride and Joy. She was born strong willed, learned to walk at age 7 months, she attended Montessori school starting preK and excelled quickly. She started 1st grade, being able to write in cursive. After placing her on a swim team at age 4, she informed me that she will only play soccer and play the piano. She started playing soccer at age 6 and learned how to play the piano. She wanted to sing and play like her favorite artist Alicia Keys. She played club soccer for 10 years, while playing Basketball for Conally middle school and being accepted at the Juniors Honor Society in San Antonio. Choir in middle school and High School was her Joy. She could sing you an Opera if she wasn’t so shy. At 6th grade, maintaining her AB average with a perfect attendance, she was determined to be in the Medical Field, so she applied without my knowledge to Health Careers Highschool in San Antonio, a magnet school. Dani graduated, again maintaining AB average with a Dental Assistant degree. She worked at the mall in a closing store all the way through Highschool.

She was accepted and graduated from A&M in Corpus Christi, Tx Nursing school. Due to her studies in middle school and high school, besides English, she spoke fluent German and Spanish. She loved her friends, like sisters and brothers. Until the day she was killed, she was very close to most of her childhood friends. She was an avid animal rescuer. She lived in San Antonio, Tx after College, had her own apartment with 1 Dog, Bowser he was 8 years old ,2 cats named Bruce and Harvey and a leopard gecko named Drax. She was an avid runner, loved to hike. Her favorite spot to hike, was The enchanted Rock.

She worked at the Methodist Heart Transplant Hospital in San Antonio, she became a charge Nurse after only 2 years ,she was killed in her 3rd year of working as an RN. She was well respected, and her picture is still displayed at the hospital as a Memorial, in her name.

She was studying for her master’s in nursing specializing in Geriatrics, she only had a year left to complete it. She always studied, she studied the night ,before she left her home. Daniela was pure Love, she accepted anyone that had a good heart and she helped friends, in many ways. Especially her struggling friends, that weren’t accepted in this society. She was always positive, encouraging and willing to listen. Dani believed in listening is the key to a successful relationship and Honesty was a must. The day, the news spread all over San Antonio that 2 young woman died, because of the negligent and irresponsible behavior of 1 human being ,her friends gathered in her bedroom and cried for days. The impact that Dani made in her life ,was tremendous, she was truly one of a kind .One pure Soul . Pure Love and kindness. She will dwell in my heart and soul , until I see her again.

Daniela’s mommy