Justin Tiderman

Justin Tiderman

May 22, 1995 - May 17, 2007

Age: 11


In 2007, in my opinion, I had the perfect family. I had three beautiful, athletic, happy boys ages 6 ½ , 11 ½, and 15, and a husband whom I adored, who was a Lieutenant 18-year veteran on the OKC Fire Dept. But then on May 17, 2007, my life would be forever changed. My husband, Michael, and my middle son, Justin, were coming home from a baseball game when a drunk/high driver crossed the median at 119th and I-44, went airborne and came through the cab of Michael’s truck, hitting them head on, killing both of them instantly. I buried Justin, alongside his daddy, on his 12th birthday.

Justin’s athleticism was way beyond his years. He played 6 years of little league football, 9 years of baseball, and 6 years of basketball. Although he had a God given athletic ability, he also worked very hard practicing daily with his daddy to be the best he could be. Justin was very competitive in everything he did both at school in Tuttle OK, and in sports. But he also had a very gentle side. He was very loving, kind and compassionate. Justin was very confident and showed great leadership skills. He won the Masonic Leadership award out of the whole 3rd grade at Tuttle.

Michael and Justin were both very fondly remembered by their peers. There is a Tiderman memorial at the Del City ballpark on the last field Justin played on and Michael coached at. There is a Tiderman memorial at Guthrie High School on the baseball field and there is a Tiderman memorial baseball building in our home-town of Tuttle, OK named after them.

We were a very close family and I never in my wildest dreams thought this would happen to me. I am so glad we told each other we loved each other often!