Thomas Ferguson

Thomas Ferguson

December 11, 1985 - July 14, 2022

Age: 36


Thomas E. “Outkast” Ferguson II, born on December 11, 1985. He was the first born and only son for his mother.

He would be the oldest and only big brother for his little sister by way of his mother. For his father, Thomas would be the eldest to two younger brothers.

Thomas love life!

His personal energy was an overwhelming life force.

Tom enjoyed so many areas it would be impossible to cover them all. He thrived in moments where he could fellowship with family and friends. It was always about living this journey to the fullest. From a young age, Tom was an avid gamer. Tom also loved ALL things Disney, Marvel, Nintendo, Lucas, Sony. These loves formed in childhood and remained into adult / parenthood.

Thomas was the proud father of 3 amazing children. Queen (16 yrs) had been in the care of her father since a few months of age. 100% Dad girl !! Living in Florida… weekend dates to Disney World.. first day of school drop offs, middle school dances, high school sports games, driving lessons. All of it…Dad and his girl.

Zechariah (14 yrs), a chip off the avid gamers block. Zech inherited his dad’s love for video gaming. Due to Zech living in another state, the two of them played video games online with one another as often as possible. Thomas admired this about Zech.

Kingsley (4 yrs) … the King of animation, Thomas’s youngest inherited his father witty, over the top energy and charismatic behavior. Thomas loved Kingsley. Thomas loved being a parent. Thomas loved a number of genres of music, he enjoyed attending concerts, music festivals, buying albums (vinyls) and his Spotify account. Thomas loved his nephew and niece. He was a protector of his mother and little sister. Thomas was a hard worker… he had a great career in serving others; Game Stop, Best Buy; Paycom Arena; Amazon. His last and final profession was Gate Agent with Piedmont/American Airlines. Thomas was excited about moving up and expanding his career in the airline industry.

He was 36 years, the day he was killed, he had taking chicken out to cook for him and Queen that evening. It was his off day. He had a brief visit at his mom’s house..then he went to his aunt house to pick up a package. Thomas laid on the ground following ejection from his vehicle, fighting to breathe. Strangers stayed with him until rescue arrived, unable to save him, they instead called his time of death. Thomas was killed at the corner of Queen’s school bus stop. He was killed the day after Zechariah 14th birthday. Thomas’s family played his Spotify wedding playlist at his funeral instead.

Thomas… always told everyone he loved them. He’d say, “ Alright, love you bro”. He had no idea how loud his absence would be for all who had the fortune to know him. Thomas, was an amazing human being.

We love and Miss him beyond measure.