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Oklahoma Victims Bill of Rights

Federal Victims Rights (Marsy's Law)

On November 6, 2018, voters in Oklahoma passed Marsy's Law overwhelmingly with 78% of the vote! Learn more at

Victim Services




OK VINE is Oklahoma’s criminal tracking and notification system. It is a free, 24 hour, confidential, computer-assisted service that provides Victim Information and Notification Everyday. This is available to anyone who needs custody information about an offender.

Oklahoma Attorney General Victims Services Unit

(405) 521-3921

The Victim Services Unit supports crime victims and their families by providing information, connection to local services, and direct assistance throughout the criminal process.

Oklahoma Victims Compensation Program

(405) 264-5006


Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation (OCVC) may be available if you or someone you love suffered physical or psychological injury due to a violent crime that occurred anywhere in the state of Oklahoma.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving


Mothers Against Drunk Driving is more than just mothers. We're fathers, sisters, brothers, families, and friends. We're truly a grassroots organization, made up of people like you who care about making an impact in Oklahoma to keep your loved ones safe.

Oklahoma Department of Corrections Victims Services

(405) 926-6142