Hance Henrie

Hance Henrie

October 19, 1990 - May 05, 2011

Age: 20

Website: https://www.facebook.com/HanceHenrieRun/

Hance was born on October 19, 1990, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Danny and Jill (Finnell) Henrie. He lived in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, for his first 10 years, and then moved to Owasso, Oklahoma, where he finished growing up. He graduated in 2010 from Owasso High School, where he ran track, cross country, and participated in many activities such as Mr. & Miss OHS and Mr. Owasso. He had many friends and good times in his classes at Owasso High and was a proud Ram. Hance went to the University of Utah on a full tuition scholarship through the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps.

Hance was a man of God and an outspoken and proud Christian. He was an active member of the Owasso First United Methodist Church, where he enjoyed youth activities such as Youth Force, Camp Egan, The Run for the Patch, and many others. He served as an usher for several years and even led a service. He was known for always saying and describing how “God is awesome.”

Hance was adventurous and lived life to the fullest. From skydiving to scuba-diving, he loved being active, being outdoors, and pushing the limits in the activities he chose to pursue, while having a good attitude and a good time. He was an avid and talented snowboarder and longboarder. You could always catch him on a hill with his brother and friends. He also enjoyed hiking, rock climbing, cycling, camping, and going to the lake with his friends and family.

Hance was funny, friendly, kind, and an inspiration to those around him. From being a role model for kids at science camp to making people laugh and smile at the fruit stand, he made memories unforgettable.