Jason Fields

Jason Fields

January 03, 1981 - April 06, 2015

Age: 34


If you were to gather all of Jason’s friends and ask them for one word to describe my son, the word would always be crazy. The one sure way to know if you were liked by him, the size of the prank he played on you. And the booming laugh that would follow. Jason had this laugh that filled the room. Even if I was mad at him, he would laugh at me for something and I couldn’t help myself, I would laugh too. And then there was my poor husband, he was always the target when Jason and I teamed up to play a prank.

But humor was not the only thing he was known for. My baby boy was a BIG man. 6’ nearly 300 lbs, he looked menacing. But his heart was huge. Working for KFC, they would get a free meal. Jason never ate his, he would give his to the homeless. He literally gave his jacket away once because the guy looked cold.

As a child, he never said I want to be a policeman or fireman, he only wanted to be a daddy. Family was important to Jason. In 3rd grade, he convinced me to be his homeroom mother. He didn’t play fair, he said he wanted to share me with his friends. But that was just Jason.

The words I would use to describe my boy, Loving, Loyal, Honest, Dedicated and yes, Crazy.

Submitted by Jason’s mother LaJan.